about betsey, fox & bear

Hi! Nice to meet you. I live in a little apartment on the north shore of Massachusetts that looks like a treehouse. I draw inspiration from the animals, plants and people that live here.

I love to make things and meet new people--I love to make art for other people. Painting signs, making cards, and screen printing are some of my favorite things.

In addition to making art, I teach an integrated art and science program to young children. I've taught an array of ages and content, developed an after-school maker program, and love to trade skills with others. Wanna share?

The name, "fox and bear prints" honors two dogs, Nina and Sadie. Nina is a sheltie mix who loves to eat anything you're eating and do simple acrobatic tricks. She looks like a fox when her ears stand up. Sadie was a sweet golden retriever who loved to roll in the grass. I always thought she looked a little like a polar bear.

Dogs are some of my best inspiration. My current dog, Midnight, takes me for walks twice a day, cleans the kitchen floor, and loves people unconditionally. Together, we scout birds and small mammals, watch the sun rise and trace the seasons as they come and go. 

Contact me at foxandbearprints@gmail.com.

I'd love to work with you!